Increasingly Popular Pickleball: An Athletic Game for Practically All Ages

The fastest-growing sport in North America may just be an activity many people have never heard of. According to a piece by NBC News in 2014, that activity is pickleball, a game played with paddles, wiffle balls and a net. People play it on gym courts and outdoors too. In certain ways, pickleball resembles ping-pong, badminton and tennis, but it has its own distinct characteristics. Pickleball equipment may be purchased from online retailers such as

The pickleball court is smaller than a tennis court. That tends to make it a less rigorous game than tennis, since less ground has to be traveled to make plays. Especially when played in the doubles style, the activity is appealing to senior citizens and people with some level of disability that prevents them from participating in more vigorous athletics. A tennis court can be used as a pickleball court by adding tape or permanent markings to designate the playing area. Anyone unfamiliar with this game and wanting to learn more might want to read an entertaining and informative pickleball blog to gain more knowledge. Individuals who become highly proficient in the game may even want to participate in tournaments where they can match their skills against other competitors.

Although the activity provides healthy exercise, socializing tends to be easier during this game than in tennis or badminton. That’s partly because the court is small and players are standing closer to one another. They also aren’t running out of breath as they chase a ball around a large area. This can make the game more fun for people who aren’t that thrilled about exercising and enjoy spending time with others. On the other end of the age spectrum, young kids are increasingly playing pickleball as well. It’s easy to learn and suitable for improving their coordination. Children often learn to play table tennis and badminton early on, finding these activities easier than tennis. Adding pickleball to the mix provides a different form of exercise that can start readying them from the more intense game of doubles and singles tennis. Kids will have fun playing pickleball with their siblings, friends, parents and grandparents.

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